Explosive Athletes Institute Founder

Siddharth Sharma

MSE Biomechanical Engineer

Originally founded by Siddharth Sharma, EAI’s team has grown to include many of the most well-respected professionals in the sport-specific performance industry. Sharma originally completed a Master’s of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering with emphasis in biomechanics.

Sharma has also served as a research assistant at the Arizona State University Human Motor Control Laboratory where he also co-authored several scientific publications. Through his research and academic background, Sharma has developed cutting-edge test methods as well as statistical and analytical methods to evaluate athletes along with training regimens aimed at correcting biomechanical flaws for maximal performance and injury minimization. He has worked with thousands of professional to amateur athletes ranging from the NBA to McDonald’s All-Americans, all who have seen immediate improvements in movement efficiency as well as overall performance and gone on to having career seasons. He has been invited to be a lecturer and speaker at many national and local seminars and events, including annually at the prestigious Pangos All-American Camp the past 7 years.

In addition, Sharma has been featured in major national sporting publications such as Dime Magazine where he was recognized as one of 4 major pioneers in the basketball training field.