Redefining the Science of Performance – Advanced Analytics to Optimize Program Design


Maximum Results in Minimum Time

Utilizing advanced sensors to analyze movements under game-like conditions including dual force platforms, electromyography (EMG), and 3D kinematics, just to name a few, hidden weaknesses and program design metrics are scientifically analyzed. Our team of specialists begins with a complete numerical blueprint for optimizing the athlete’s program for the demands of the athlete’s sport focused on not just performance enhancement, but also injury prevention. Maximum results in the most efficient manner possible.

Run faster. Jump higher. Change directions. Move efficient. React quicker.

Not all workouts are created equal. Our science delves into the finer details of your sport. No matter the sport our team of engineers, exercise scientists and physiologists are able to dissect the intricacies of your sport that will allow you to gain that edge.

Prevent injury. Recover faster.

Our science was built on the idea that there should be no wasted reps. The missing link in most workouts is systematic programming and tracking. There are infinite exercises, sets, reps and combinations to choose from. But your time is limited. So is your energy and reps. Therefore we combined human physiology with engineering to create the most efficient roadmap for any athlete in any sport. You show us where you’re trying to go. Our scientists and engineers show you the safest, fastest, and most efficient way to get there.

Looking for the same edge used by the pros? Or just plain tired of not getting the results you want despite pushing yourself harder and harder? IT’S NOT ABOUT TRAINING HARDER. IT’S ABOUT TRAINING SMARTER!

The best in the world understand how important it is to train with a purpose with no wasted reps. EAI’s science and biomechanics is paving the way for the future of not just athletic development, but sport-specific development down to the actual game itself. We focus on the overlooked details that allow the top athletes to outperform their competition. Your body is unique. Your game is different. You have greatness waiting to be unlocked from within inside of you. Don’t waste any time training like someone else for something you won’t need.

Train smarter. Not just harder.

The human body is an engineering marvel that can positively adapt to the demands placed on it appropriately. We start by building your foundation right from the basics of human movement science. Ensuring you are prepared to safely push your body’s limits by testing for any weak links and ironing out the areas that could potentially pose a risk for future injury. In addition, we begin activating and awakening the deepest layers of your body’s intricate musculoskeletal system that will ultimately be responsible for protecting the joints and connective structures long-term while allowing the larger superficial muscles to do their jobs as you progress.

Looking for that distinct edge? Have your results been less than expected or come to a halt lately? If you’re a serious athlete looking to take your workouts to the next level, then we’ve got the answer for your needs.

Our programs are scientifically designed and continuously updated to keep your body and your game improving each session.

It’s no secret why more professional athletes are trusting Explosive Athletes Institute to provide them with an edge going into their seasons each year. Considered an industry leader by many of the top programs and teams, EAI has carved out a unique niche within the professional sports market over the last decade. With unprecedented results in jumping, speed, and agility, along with the ability to transfer these results to real-live game situations, EAI’s proprietary and innovative methodologies are being sought after by a growing number of athletes each year.

Don’t get left behind. Your time as an athlete is limited.

From simply outperforming your competition to reducing the risk of a serious injury, every second of your career matters. If you believe you have what it takes to compete at a higher level, EAI can assist in many ways to ensure you’re maximally prepared.

Split-seconds. Inches. The difference between winning and losing. Don’t go into battle without preparing and gaining every edge possible.

Sid Sharma utilizes his unique background as a biomechanical engineer and researcher at a human motor control laboratory to formulate cutting-edge scientific protocols and detect hidden weaknesses. For the past decade, elite athletes have sought these proprietary methods to tap into their full potentials. Those same principles that these select athletes have benefited from are now available to athletes of all ages and abilities that seek that edge at EAI’s state-of-the-art facility.

Test for hidden weaknesses. Turn your weaknesses into strengths.

We then proceed to safely begin overloading your skeletal structures by tailoring and customizing select exercises and movements applicable to your sport and where you ultimately wish to go. Progressive overload is a key missing piece in many programs. Utilizing fundamental strength training principles, this phase will allow your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and connective structures to begin the remodeling and strengthening process. This will also begin increasing the athlete’s resistance to future risk-of-injury and preparing for subsequent phases.

Be your best. Never settle for good enough. Stay ahead of your competition. Expose your opponents.

Once we’ve built the engine and supporting structures by strengthening and thickening the muscles and supporting connective tissues, we can then proceed to the more advanced sport-specific phases of training to supercharge your new, bigger engine and muscles. This is where we will translate your strength to usable power. Basic speed, multidirectional agility, quickness, and jumping will be enhanced using basic plyometric and power training principles.

As your power increases and the proper neuromuscular adaptations have begun, we can further fine-tune your power for your exact needs and situations. This is where we ultimately separate ourselves. Quite simply, being just a great athlete with high resistance to injury isn’t enough for those that wish to compete at a high level. In order to truly excel, the athlete must master the ability to further translate power into skill. By applying physics and creating mathematical models of your style-of-play and sport, we will turn your power into explosive skill. You will be able to use your power for the skill demanded by your sport. Every movement and situation will be broken down, whether your sport demands you to overpower your opponent or simply be able to manipulate your own body for a situation.

Finally, we will enhance reactive power for sport-specific situations. Depending on your sport, we will train your sensory system to not only react to an opponent or object, but also maintain proper biomechanics while doing so. Whether a high-powered dynamic or static situation, our team of experts will ensure you’re always prepared to be a step ahead of your opponent.