Our staff includes some of the most renowned experts in their respective fields including numerical analysis, jumping and injury biomechanics, nutrition, physical therapy and injury prevention, along with basketball development. Having trained hundreds of athletes, our team not only has the data and experience to design the most efficient programs possible for performance, but also enhanced recovery and minimal future risk-of-injury.

Explosive Athletes Institute Founder

Siddharth Sharma, MSE
Biomechanical Engineer

Richard Hinrichs, PhD
Scientific Advisory Board Member

Jason Fraser
Basketball Development Consultant



Explosive Athletes Institute eliminates inefficiencies commonly present with conventional training wisdom and foster a more scientific, unbiased, and objective human athletic performance enhancement methodology. EAI’s revolutionary methods are guaranteed to maximize an athlete’s speed, jumping, quickness, agility, strength, power, and conditioning faster than any other program ever available.

Not only do our athletes maximize their athletic abilities, but we effectively “prehab” our athletes from future injury to an unparalleled extent. Combining the power of biomechanical engineering and exercise science like never before, we are able to identify weak links that simply go unnoticed with current approaches and test methods.

Revolutionary Athletic Performance Team

Originally founded by Siddharth Sharma after completing a BSE in Bioengineering, MSE in Mechanical Engineering, and years of performing research at a human motor control laboratory, Explosive Athletes Institute’s team has grown to include some of the most renowned experts in the field of athletic performance. Our very unique team is built to address every need of the serious athlete including:

Exercise Scientists

Biomechanical Engineers

Massage Therapists

World-Renowned Culinary Team

Physical Therapists


Sports Psychologists

No matter your sport or goals, EAI’s team will produce the most dramatic results you will ever see with an athletic performance enhancement program. Guaranteed!